Finnleo Sauna

Improve Mental Health with a Regular Sauna Routine

Hundreds of research findings confirm the many physical health benefits provided by regular sauna bathing. From helping people with bronchitis and asthma breathe easier by acting as a lung decongestant, to reducing hypertension and symptoms of heart disease, sauna bathing is quickly becoming an effective and popular way to treat a wide variety of health issues. … Read More

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Weight Loss

Here at Pool World we are thrilled to be able to provide Finnleo Sauna’s which has the ability improve your daily life! On of our favorite benefits from soaking in a sauna is the ability to assist us in weight loss. Finnleo Sauna’s make this possible because as your body’s core temperature is increased, your … Read More

Anti-Aging and Skin Purification: As you are enjoying the warmth relaxing minutes within your sauna, you will start to notice that your skin will appear tighter, firmer and healthier. The heat from enjoying a sauna will increase blood flow throughout the body, this includes the largest organ on the human body, skin. This is only … Read More

We are super excited to offer a product that can drastically change and improve your daily life! Pool World carries Finnelo Saunas. Detoxification: While enjoying the heat within a sauna, your body’s core temperature will start to increase. This will result in a deeper sweat that promotes toxins that are trapped within our body by … Read More


Over the last 2000 years, the Finns have known and experienced how a sauna has the ability to improve your life. Today, our society has modern technology and medical research to explain why a sauna makes you feel so great! Every sauna soaker experiences different benefits from heat bathing. Heat bathing has a multitude of … Read More

Sauna Health

Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart. For years we have known that there are many health benefits to using a sauna such as reduced stress, relaxed muscles, increased blood flow for better healing, clean healthy skin, and a better nights sleep, but  recent research provides even more reasons to enjoy time in a sauna. That feel good, warm feeling you … Read More