Backyard Fun


Over the past week, the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area had a few different Winter Advisories come through. The weather systems brought snow, ice and rain mixture to coat anything and everything exposed to the elements. So much snow has fallen lately and the rain only makes it heavier, if you haven’t ventured out to your hot … Read More

Winter Grilling

Brrrrr. Since the temperatures in our area have blanketed us with more snow, we’ve been out clearing driveways and sidewalks but don’t forget to clear off, that grill of yours! It’s wintertime but just because we have snow doesn’t mean that grilling has to come to an end. Enjoying your barbecue can be a year around experience. To enhance … Read More

Barbecues & Grills

This year PoolWorld will be presenting Big Green Egg Grills, Traeger and Weber at the 2018 Home and Yard Show. Each of these grills are ideal for different style of chef. These are three finest brands that are in the industry and you have the ability to create your perfect outdoor cooking space. Weber is … Read More

The Spokane Home and Yard Show is here! Pool World cannot wait for this event to start! It is being held at the Spokane Fair and Expo Center from Thursday February 22nd through February 25th. Everything from Hot Spring Hot Tubs, Caldera Hot Tubs, Barbecues, and so much more will be on sale! We can’t … Read More

Caldera Utopia Provence Hot Tub

The Spokane Home and Yard Show set up has started! This event is being held at the Spokane Fair and Expo Center from Thursday February 22nd through February 25th. We are going to be featuring more hot tubs this year than what we have ever taken down there before! There will be 14 hot tubs … Read More

Have you ventured out to your backyard?

The warmer winter weather has been staying around for a while. These higher temperatures are above the mid 30’s and even low 40’s. Have you ventured out to your backyard? If you haven’t, you may want to check on your swimming pool.  Now is the perfect time to do so! The warm sunshine and clear … Read More


Wednesday is Valentines Day… it’s time to plan something special for our loved ones. Remember it is the thought that counts. With that being said, if you are like many Pool World customers then you are already ahead of the game! Take a moment to plan how you can transform your home and backyard into … Read More

Pool World Referral Program

If you are a pool, hot tub, sauna or barbecue owner and purchased it from Pool World, did you know that we have a special referral program? You have the ability to receive a free reward for referring a family or friend to us!  This is how it works. If your friend comes in and purchases one of … Read More

This beauty Limelight Flair Hot Tub is a featured hot tub of Hot Spring Hot Tub. The Flair is the perfect hot tub that fits 6 adults comfortably. With this hot tub, you can expect to have the experience all the luxuries of an expensive hot tub without the cost. The Flair features 41 customizable … Read More

It’s that time of year again… February kicks off the home shows!!! Spokane Home and Yard Show will be here at the end of the month. The Pool World staff can’t wait for this event to start! This year it is being held at the Spokane County Fair & Expo Center Thursday through Sunday, February … Read More