Have you ventured out to your backyard?

The warmer winter weather has been staying around for a while. These higher temperatures are above the mid 30’s and even low 40’s.

Have you ventured out to your backyard? If you haven’t, you may want to check on your swimming pool.  Now is the perfect time to do so! The warm sunshine and clear skies will make your backyard a little more inviting to see if your swimming pool is still just a huge ice cube or if it’s already melted. If the pool is still an over-sized ice cube, just remember to routinely check on it until it’s fully thawed.

If the pool has thawed, now is the time to scoop up a few cups of water from about a foot down under the surface of the water. Take the cup to a spot where you’re able to test the water. Specifically you’re testing for chlorine. It’s essential to test the swimming pool during the spring until it’s open to ensure an easy opening. If no chlorine is present in the water, come to your local Pool World store and pick up some liquid chlorine. Each pool will require a different amount. Ask one of our sales representatives and they’ll be happy to provide instructions and dosage.

During Spring this is one of the most crucial steps to preventing your swimming pool from turning green before the swimming season has even started! If you haven’t scheduled your pool opening, call today before your preferred date is all booked up.

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