Beautiful Limelight Flair Hot Tub Delivery

This beauty Limelight Flair Hot Tub is a featured hot tub of Hot Spring Hot Tub.

The Flair is the perfect hot tub that fits 6 adults comfortably. With this hot tub, you can expect to have the experience all the luxuries of an expensive hot tub without the cost. The Flair features 41 customizable jets to meet your needs pressure of water flow and air. While soaking in 325 gallons of swirling relaxing waters enjoy the lighting system. The multi-colored LED lights will be on a show like the northern lights and they’re sure to impress! This is the perfect hot tub for a couple or the whole family!

Here’s an image of one of the latest Limelight Flairs hot tub that was delivered in Central Spokane!

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