Late September has definitely brought cooler temperatures and may of stopped you from enjoying the nearby lakes and rivers but it doesn’t mean you should stop exercising in water! Exercising in water helps to build cardio, strength, and resistance. Water classes are for everyone because they ease the strain gravity puts on our bodys and … Read More

Caldera and Hot Spring Spas are the leading hot tub manufactures in Northern America! They have crafted and designed hot tubs that deliver an extraordinary experience and wellness benefits through hydrotherapy. The warm water massage is unique due to design, performance and comfort of their hot tubs. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to save … Read More

Caldera’s Instant Rebate Event

Caldera’s Instant Rebate Event only happens once a year and it’s going on now! This is a limited time event that is over on September 25th and has an opportunity to save up to $1000.00 on all Utopia Series hot tubs. All Paradise Series hot tubs are $500.00 off! Come in today and find out … Read More

Hot Spring Instant Rebate Event

Hot Spring Factory Rebate Sales Event is here! We wait all year long for this promotion because it has an instant rebate of $1000. Come into one of our four store locations during September 15-25th to see the Highlife Collection of hot tubs go on sale. Hot Spring Highlife Collection Every hot tub in the … Read More