Fall Exercising

Late September has definitely brought cooler temperatures and may of stopped you from enjoying the nearby lakes and rivers but it doesn’t mean you should stop exercising in water!

Exercising in water helps to build cardio, strength, and resistance. Water classes are for everyone because they ease the strain gravity puts on our bodys and allows the body’s joints to move without pain or impact.

Strength building occurs in water because the resistance the water creates. This resistance ranges from 4 to 42 times greater than air, which provides you with a more challenging workout. With continual aquatic aerobic exercise, you have the ability to improve your strength, flexibility and agility.

Flexibility increases when the body is exposed to water resistance during aerobic exercise which occurs while your pushing or pulling against the water. This will naturally expand your range of motion.

Water creates a low impact environment by supporting up to 90 percent of the body’s weight which helps to reduce impact and increase flexibility. Water helps to act as a cushion for the joints, muscles and ligaments. Reducing stress on the body allows for better results while limiting chance for injury and strain.

While exercising in water, you will experience a workout with the combination or strength, cardio and resistance which will provide a full body workout. Depending on what aquatic activity you choose, the body will burn between 350 to 500 calories in an hour of exercise. It’s a great calorie burner!

Did you know that water has the ability to reduce blood pressure? Water pressure helps the circulatory system by placing pressure evenly across the whole body. This pressure assists the circulatory system to be more efficient which decreases blood pressure and helps to lower your resting heart rate.

Pool World has a variety of options to help you enjoy the benefits of aquatic exercise.

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