Luxury Home Spa with Traditional Sauna

The modern-day sauna is not only a place of relaxation and wellness therapy but also a home design feature to be proud of. This stunning home spa was created as a healthy retreat for a busy professional couple who live an active lifestyle.

There are limitless interior options for customizing the traditional sauna. This couple chose to customize their sauna with the below key features that made the sauna a beautiful addition to their lower level wellness spa.


Glass creates the feeling of space and light. A bathroom sauna doesn’t need to be enclosed entirely of wood but can become part of the overall bathing space with the use of a full glass front wall. This all-glass sauna front gives the sauna an open, European feel.


Windows can also be used to open up a sauna to the outside. This home sauna was designed to include a window to take advantage of the lake view in the backyard.


The sauna includes the Himalaya heater with BioWater Technique. The floor-standing rock tower heater, with its 210 pounds of rocks, is a show piece with its stunning beauty and offers a pleasant sauna experience.


When you have water (i.e., pool or lake) on your property, it only makes sense to plan the location of the sauna near the water so you can enjoy the rejuvenating “sauna and swim”.  With the lower level being a walk-out to the backyard, the sauna bathers have convenient access to the lake. The sauna combined with a swim in the cool waters of the adjacent lake is the ultimate spa experience for the homeowners. 

Sauna Details:

  • Type: Finnleo custom permanently installed sauna
  • Wood: Western Red Cedar
  • Bench design: Platform lower bench running fully beneath the upper main bench
  • Heater: Himalaya rock tower heater with BioWater Technique
  • Door/Handle: All-glass door; white oak door handle with stainless steel standoffs
  • Extras: Duckboard on the floor, Rento bucket, ladle & thermometer
  • Photography: Andrea Rugg Photography

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