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Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart.

For years we have known that there are many health benefits to using a sauna such as reduced stress, relaxed muscles, increased blood flow for better healing, clean healthy skin, and a better nights sleep, but  recent research provides even more reasons to enjoy time in a sauna. That feel good, warm feeling you get from sitting in a sauna isn’t something you imagine and it may also help your heart.

As reported in the December 2011 NewScientist Health a recent study done by Takashi Ohori at the University of Toyama in Japan, 41 people with chronic heart failure took a 15 minute sauna, five times a week, for three weeks, and it was found that they improved their heart function and also increased the amount of exercise they could do. Researchers also found the membrane lining inside of the heart showed improved function.

Another study found that sauna use can trigger neurons in the body to release serotonin which results in that great warm feel good sensation you get as your body temperature increases when enjoying a sauna.

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