Booey’s Sauces

At Booey’s Gourmet, they have created gourmet pepper finishing sauces that our customers just can’t get enough of. 

From hot & tangy to savory, Casey Booey strives to make sauces that raise the bar on whatever food they touch and take your taste buds on a culinary journey.

We love all of them, but the staff favorite is the Original Pepper Sauce. It’s a buffalo sauce with the right amount of heat and a ton of flavor. Plus, they are local!

Spiceologist Spices

Great taste comes from chefs, not food scientists, which is why they hire the best of the food service industry to develop their blends, create recipes and work with their professional clientele. Their chefs handpick all of their raw ingredients, grind in small batches. Go ahead, take us for a taste test. 

Some of our favorite flavors are Oh Canada, Nashville Hot, and Greek Freak. All of them will take anything you cook to the next level!

Bioguard 5-Way
Test Strips

These test strips show total bromine, free chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity and total hardness levels in pools and spas. These test strips work quickly and easily with just a single dip test. The results shown will be quick and accurate. We recommend testing pool water weekly for optimum sanitizer, pH, and total alkalinity levels. 

Traeger Instant Read Thermometer

Take accurate temperature readings on the grill in no time flat with the Traeger Digital Instant Read BBQ Thermometer. Easy to use and efficient, the thermometer automatically powers on when you unfold the meat probe and shuts off when folded back or left idle for 10 minutes. 

Traeger BBQ

This will quickly become your new favorite grilling sidekick. With this one handy tool, you will be able to sauce your chicken, flip burgers, and even uncork your favorite bottle of wine. The convenience of this multi-tool makes it perfect for traveling or grilling out in your backyard.

Big Green Egg Citronella Candles

If you know an EGGhead, these make a perfect gift! This set of 4 large citronella votive candles shaped like a Big Green Egg is adorable and helps repel insects while grilling. 

Traeger Smoked Syrup

Tie the whole meal together by infusing your beverages with wood-fired flavor. Traeger’s simple syrup features sweet notes of vanilla and clove, balanced with light, smoky flavor, and is the perfect addition to your next cocktail.




InSPAration aromatherapy blends come mixed with Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Extracts. So as you soak in the water your skin is absorbing those nutrients known to promote good skin care! 

Just add a few cap-fulls into your Spa or Hot Tub, or one cap-full into your Bath for that ultimate hot water enjoyment. The “Fresh” scent is one anyone on your gift list would enjoy! 

Traeger Sugar Lips

BBQ Sauce

Finish everything from baby back ribs to roast chicken with this delectably delicious BBQ sauce. Offering rich sweetness with a bit of tanginess and a hint of herb-y flavors, it’s ideal for glazing meats right near the end of your cooks. We have a large variety of BBQ sauces, but this one is delicious with everything!

The Big Green Egg Book

It may be a bit large for a stocking, but we’re sure you can fit it!

Inside you’ll find recipes ranging from smoked fish to grilled pizza, and roasted carrot salad to apple tart.

This book takes cooking with the Big Green Egg to the next level with 55 recipes for professional chefs and experienced home cooks along with profiles of 15 International chefs, explaining how they discovered the Big Green Egg, as well as why and how they are using it in their professional kitchens.

While it was written with the Egg in mind, anyone with a grill would be able to use it! 

Our Gift to you:

Supply is limited, so hurry in!

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