Schedule Your Pool Opening Today!

Our local temperatures are predicted to be in the mid to high 50’s for the next week or two.

Now is the perfect time to prepare the backyard and clean up from winter. Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and soak in the Spring weather. Preparing for the warmer weather now means you’ll be ready for the hot days of summer that are ahead of us.

We know it seems a little early to be thinking about opening your swimming pool, but opening the pool prior to swimming season allows time to clear up any water clarity issues before impact your swim time! Our Service Department schedules pool openings on a first come first serve basis.

If you have a particular date in mind, now is the time to schedule it before it’s booked up.



One response to “Schedule Your Pool Opening Today!

  1. Hello,
    We bought a house with a pool and this will be our first time opening it. We’d love to book an opening. It will be easiest to schedule over the phone. (509) 385-9339.


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