Traveling Spa Shows – Buyer Beware

Over the last few years our area has been inundated with a number of carnival Hot Tub Shows with companies that travel from city to city selling Hot Tubs at fairgrounds. Whether you purchase from us or any other company we want you to know what you are getting. Because of that, here are a few things to note:

  • These weekend spa shows are not local or affiliated with ANY of the local Hot Tub stores, including us.
  • Unfortunately that means we are unable to help with any service issues or manufacturer defects. As far as we know that is also true for all the other local Hot Tub retailers that sell new Hot Tubs. We have heard that that the sales people at these shows have told people that Pool World will provide service on their hot tubs. This is not the case as we only service the hot tubs we sell.

If you are still considering purchasing a hot tub from one of these weekend traveling hot tub shows, please consider the following benefits to working with a local, trusted dealer.

While Pool World welcomes any Hot Tub customer into our store to assist you as best we can, we do want you to know our experience with helping customer that have purchase from these traveling show. Here are a few of the issues customers have told us they had:

  • Wrong Hot Tub or wrong color
  • Missing the add on options ordered
  • Much longer to arrive then promised by sales person
  • No one to talk to about mechanical or water care questions or issues
  • Hot Tub does not perform as promised and cannot be returned.

As our neighbors, we want you to know that we at Pool World stand behind our product and would recommend that you purchase from a trusted local dealer that will assist you for the lifetime of your Hot Tub

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