The Albert’s Big Green Egg Experience

Spatchcocked Beer Can Chicken and Stuffed Roasted Peppers on the Big Green Egg

“We’re a family who loves to grill and prepare all kinds of BBQ treasures
that are sure to please. We own two grills but the grill we use the most due
to the fantastic flavors and versatility of the grill is definitely our Big Grenn Egg.

We consider the Big Green Egg to be one of the best investments we have made over the years. We’ve owned a number of different gas grills and a couple kettle grills in the past but the beauty of the Egg is that it won’t wear out. The Egg won’t rust, get jammed or have a motor wear out. It’s a grill that will last a lifetime!

Large Big Green Egg

With our Egg we can sear, roast, bake and smoke. We love to sear a good
steak, chop or burger. Fish, seafood and vegetables never taste better then on the Egg. Food is tender and juicy and the flavors are robust. When we roast a turkey, chicken or hen they are always tender and extremely moist. For those low and slow smoked items the Egg is easy to control and the results are fantastic.

We love to grill year round and the Egg is the first grill we’ve had that
makes it easy. The unrivaled ceramic insulating properties make it simple to maintain a consistent temperature even in our cold winters here in the Inland Northwest.

It’s a grill we highly recommend to our family and friends. Yes, you can say we’ve become real Egg Heads!!”

— Kariann Albert Spokane, WA

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