BRRR…. IT’S GETTING COLD OUTSIDE Warning: Freezing Temperatures Ahead!

Warning: Freezing Temperatures Ahead!

Freezing weather coming early this year.  Freezing conditions are forecasted to start this Wednesday night, 10/21/2020.  If your pool has not been winterized yet, here are some important things you should do to protect your system from freezing and prevent damage to the pool or equipment.

 Don’t forget about your pool since it is not in use.

If you have a Test Kit with liquid Reagents, bring the Kit inside to keep from freezing.

If you have a timer or time clock on the circulation pump, you will need to disable that timer so the pump stays on overnight.

You may need to clean your pump baskets and/or clean your filter as needed to keep water circulating properly.

Pool Cleaners should either be stored in the Pool to prevent freezing or you can remove them but be sure to drain the water from the Cleaner and hose.

Check to make sure any lines with valves are open and circulating water.

No need for heat, just keep the pool circulating at all times. Moving water does not freeze. Make sure your skimmer, main drain and cleaner lines are all open.

Keep water level at normal operating level to insure proper circulation at all times.

If your pool has water features such as, firebowls, water falls or deck jets enable the features when the temperature is below freezing. You may need to open your autocover for these features to run.

If you have any questions,

contact our Service Department

And, if you haven’t already, be sure to call soon to schedule your pool winterizing!

Pool World Service Department

(509) 928-6585

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