Turkey Package

What is it?

We have just the set of culinary tools to help you master that flavorful bird and impress your guests. This turkey package we’ve assembled for you comes with a 9 X 13 inch roasting pan, reversible rib rack, flavor injector, bamboo spoon, no-mess silicone baster, 2 chunks of apple wood, and our favorite turkey rubs, Salt-free Dizzy Dust, Raging River and Shakin’ the Tree. We’ll also kick in our favorite turkey recipe!

Why should I get it?

You’ve always wanted to have the perfect Thanksgiving or holiday time turkey as the perfect centerpiece for your Fall cornucopia of flavor. Plus the roasting pan, rib rack, and injector can be used in a plethora of ways to cook many other delights!

What else should I know?

Individual product availability subject to current stock.