Rib Package

What is it?

Do you or someone you know love ribs? We have put together a package that will tantalize any rib lover’s taste buds. The best ribs start with the right smoke and that is why we have put in flavorful apple wood chips. We have chosen to include a rib rack, a sauce mop, a rib worthy sauce and our personal favorite rubs for ribs, Raging River and Dizzy Dust. It is important to not overcook or undercook your ribs so, we have included our own recipe for ribs. This package also includes a Dizzy Pig seasonings brochure and sticker.

Why should I get it?

This awesome gift package will have you set and ready to go for all your rib cooking needs! Starting off with our favorite rib rubs and an awesome sauce, you can’t go wrong with experimenting between the two! Our apple chips make the perfect smoking additive for your cook, and our sauce mop and vertical rib rack make cooking a breeze! Perfect your rib recipe with Dizzy Pig’s help!

What else should I know?

Individual product availability subject to current stock.