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Outdoor Furniture

When quality, design, comfort, and selection matter; come to Pool World to get the top of the line in outdoor furniture.

We offer a complete line of Telescope Casual outdoor furniture and Vin de Flame wine barrel fire pits with the ability to special order any type or style you’re looking for.

For over 100 years Telescope has been offering high quality outdoor furniture that is backed by a complete manufacturer’s warranty. Telescope Outdoor Furniture was ranked number one in quality by Hearth & Home Magazine for four consecutive years, and has continued to be the pioneer in designing and delivering award-winning products. Telescope Outdoor Furniture is easy to clean and care for with many stackable pieces which provide for easy and convenient storage. So whether you want to create an outdoor dining experience, a poolside lounge, or a comfortable place to sit and read we have the outdoor furniture for you.

Pool World just became a dealer of Vin de Flame wine barrel fire pits and furniture.  They have a passion for bringing the wine culture into your life and creating a new lifestyle. They are enthusiastic about bringing the flavor of vineyards into your outdoor living space. Every Vin de Flame piece has a unique story to tell because it’s made out of real barrels that were used in the production of wine. Each and every piece is handmade in the USA.