World Kindness Day



Today is World Kindness Day, and what does that mean to you and all of us here at Pool World? Well let us tell you a little bit about an network called 2nd Harvest…


For the whole month of November, all Pool World locations will have 2nd Harvest Food Bank Donation bins, which is something YOU can act on! If you have the ability, please come in and donate what you can to the local families in need.



Why Does It Matter?

“Second Harvest has been leading the hunger-relief network in the region since 1971. Second Harvest distributes over 2 million pounds of free food each month to help people in need in 26 counties in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Partnerships with more than 250 neighborhood food banks and meal centers make it possible to feed 55,000 people each week.”


“The Kitchen”

 2nd Harvest has Community and Public cooking classes to teach you how to cook different foods from scratch. Think of it as a way to learn how to portion and not be wasteful with your foods, along with learning some exciting new recipes!
As the website says; “The Kitchen is a place where people come together to get excited about cooking, develop skills to be more confident in the kitchen and become more knowledgeable about the foods we eat.”


Mobile Markets

Second Harvest’s Mobile Market brings healthy food directly to high-need communities throughout the Inland Northwest. Since 2006, the Mobile Market has provided fresh produce and other groceries at no cost to families, children and seniors experiencing food insecurity.



Second Harvest partners with schools and community partners for Bite2Go to get weekend food supplies to children in need during the school year. The Bite2Go kits include a good mix of healthy, kid-friendly, easy-to-open, single-serving, nonperishable food items to cover meals and three snacks over the weekend. The shelf-stable milk, juice, cereal, entrees and snacks are safe for children to handle on their own because they don’t require any cooking or other preparation. Each week, staff members at participating schools put the packages of food discreetly in the backpacks of students in need.



Below is a chart about how 2nd Harvest impacts people in our community that are in need.

Like Cindy said at one of their Mobile Markets: “it’s this sense of community—people coming together and meeting each other’s needs.”
There are so many great Hunger Stories, and the amazing impact that 2nd Harvest has on so many families. These stories make you realize how amazing it is to donate what you don’t need. And remember even a little goes a long way!


You can find the many different Hunger Stories at:

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