Spring has already been a little unpredictable!

There are days where temperatures will rise to the 60’s and it’s wonderful to have the backyard ready.

Family, friends and all of the children will be able to get out side, enjoy the fresh air and soak in some of the sunshine. As the weather gets even warmer and closer to summer, everyone will be looking for that ideal spot to cool off and this could be your backyard swimming pool. Prepare now and be ready for when the temperatures increase.

The sooner your swimming pool is opened, the less visible algae growth you’ll have. Some people like to wait till late April and May to open their swimming pools but this provides plenty of time and warmth for algae to grow. Now is the perfect time to venture out to your backyard and check on your swimming pool. Warmer weather temperature consumes more chlorine which means it’s not there later to prevent algae from blooming.  Opening prior to the swimming season allows time to clear up any water clarity issues before it impacts your swim time!

If you haven’t scheduled your swimming pool opening, our Service Department’s Opening Season Schedule is first come first serve. Call in today and reserve the date you want before it’s gone!! Or try out our new online to Schedule Service.

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