February is American Heart Health Month

Did you know that February is American Heart Health Month!

This is to increase awareness of heart disease. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States in both men and women. One in four deaths each year has been linked to heart disease.

These statistics are really frightening but heart disease can be prevented by changing your lifestyle and opting for more healthy options while helping to manage other health conditions.

Here at Pool World, we carry a variety of products to improve your life. Hot Spring, Caldera, Free Flow Hot Tubs, Finnleo Saunas, Swim Spa and last but not least; swimming pools. All of these items have the ability to improve your life, and reduce the threat in heart disease!!

Hot tubs are known to help reduce stress! While enjoying the warm pulsating jets, your body relaxes which allows your sympathetic nervous system to decrease and your parasympathetic nervous system to increase. Once both of these nervous systems have adjusted, your body falls into balance. This state of balance has been connected to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


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