Doughboy Pools: In-Ground

Doughboy manufactures the only above ground pool that can be installed completely in the ground

If your ideal backyard includes an in ground pool, but your budget doesn’t allow for it – Doughboy has the perfect solution! Doughboy offers a wide variety recessed pools that are sure to fit your style. Go from green grass to blue water in only a few days.

Features and Benefits

  • Expandable to 7 feet deep
  • Faster installation
  • Much less than the cost of a traditional inground
  • Lifetime warranties
  • Any Doughboy pool can recessed in ground

Doughboy’s Exclusive Expandable Liners Provide for a Deep Swimming Area

Doughboy’s special 100% virgin-vinyl formula resists chemicals and ultraviolet rays.  Plus Doughboy’s Therma-Seal™ Technology technique provides durability and supreme quality. We are so confident with this process that we cover our liner seams with a 100% lifetime warranty.

Expandable liners are designed to expand smoothly into an Optional Special-Purpose Deep Swimming Area for underwater swimming. Doughboy’s uniform thickness, softness, and flexibility ensures maximum quality, liner longevity, and easy installation.

Putting a Doughboy Pool in my yard was the best thing I could have done for my children. Instead of sitting in front of the TV or playing video games, they’re outside every day, getting fresh air and exercise. Having the pool right outside means that they can swim anytime, and I can keep an eye on them in the security and privacy of our own home.

-Carol P.

For more detailed instructions, check out Doughboy’s Youtube Channel! Here is a link to their playlist of step-by-step in-ground pool installation instructions.

If you are looking for a long-lasting DIY option for your backyard pool, Doughboy is the one for you! Made in America with a product they stand behind, we are proud to sell them at all of our 4 stores. Come in and see all the options we have so you can find the perfect pool for your summer fun!

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