Are you ready to celebrate Memorial Day?

This weekend is the one weekend every year that everyone waits for to kick off summer!

The weather is warming up and you can expect everyone is going to be getting out doors, enjoying their backyard and maybe even taking a dip into the swimming pool.

Here are a few helpful tips to kick off your weekend right!

-Make your lawn look healthy. This means spending a little time weeding and fertilizing your lawn. Taking a few moments to do this now will help keep your lawn looking amazing all summer long.

-Spruce up your garden beds. Take a trip to your local nursery and pick out some colorful flowers to plant in your flower beds. Remember to add mulch and to keep the flowers watered.

-Check your swimming pool. Bring in a water sample and see if the water chemistry is within the ideal range so it’s sparkling clear for the weekend fun!

To help with your Memorial Weekend fun, Pool World has your Red, White and Blue themed accessories! Come in and check out our pool toys!

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