American Heart Health

American Heart Health

02/01/2018  -  02/28/2018

February has been dedicated to American Heart Health as of 2009. This awareness initiative was started to educate the nation regarding a variety of heart conditions that are affecting our country.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. 1 in 4 deaths each year is caused by heart disease. After reading this there has to be some good news?!? Heart disease can often be prevented by making healthier choices and managing other health conditions. Here at Pool World, we have more then a few items that can improve your heart health!

Pool World has collected a variety of products to help improve your life and also your heart! One of these products that promote a happy and healthy heart is our Finnleo Saunas. Use of a sauna offers a wide range of health benefits including a few that directly affect the heart. Regular sauna sessions will help to reduce blood pressure by increasing the body’s core temperature resulting in vascular dilation. The dilation of the blood vessels increases the amount of blood flow throughout the body. Remember, this is only one of many health benefits that come along with a daily routine of sauna bathing.

February is the perfect month to come into one of our four store locations and check out our Demo and Clearance Models that are available at amazing savings! February is the perfect month to take home a Finnelo Sauna!