Water Temperatures - May 20, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the summer festivities! This is usually the first weekend that swimming pools across the nation are open for enjoyment!

Since swimming season is kicking off, here are a few fun facts about water temperature and how it impacts the body…

When a swimming pool is too warm… swimmers are able to increase their speed and performance due to the high temperature. Normal lap pools are usually 77-82 degrees F and the warmer end of the spectrum allow athlete’s to perform at a higher rate without shocking the body. At the same time, the warmer water has the ability to trap body heat and over heat the body which can result in muscle spasms, disorientation, or worse if not recognized by the swimmer.

When water is too cold… Sometimes swimmers feel like torturing themselves with temperatures that are uncomfortably cold. One of the reasons is the myth that cold water burns fat and requires the body to work harder to maintain an optimal temperature. Swimming in water that is too cold can be dangerous. Be careful and aware that water below 70 degrees has the ability to absorb body heat before you are able to create more and restricts blood flow.

If you are looking for just the right temperature, (not too hot or too cold,) the optimal temperatures are 77-82 degrees F. As for other water temperatures depending on the activities, they are as followed: Synchronized swimming 81 degrees, Lap Pools should be 77-82 degrees and a Diving pool is normally at 79 degrees. 

National Bike Month! - May 18, 2015

May has some amazing weather which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate National Bike Month! May is ideal for bike riding before the summer heat sets in and provides you a feeling of freedom with the wind in your hair.

Here are a few reasons to get out and enjoy the sunshine while riding.

-It burns calories! A 135-pound women pedaling 12 to 14 miles an hour blasts 488 calories in 60 minutes.

-Over half of Americans work within 5 miles from home. Being this close to work allows a 20-minute ride each way to work. Pedaling to work twice a week for a month has the ability to burn up to 3,000 extra calories.

-It’s a whole body work out! Cyclists are known for having killer legs but did you know that it works the whole upper body too!

-Energy booster! Riding a bicycle 3 times a week has the ability to increase energy levels by 20%!

-Ride a bike instead of running! Riding a bike has the ability to limit the stress placed on your knees, ankles and spine.

-Heart disease is the leading cause of death of women in the country. Select a road or a path where you can ride for at least 30 minutes nonstop at a consistently high pace. Doing this 3 times a week has the ability to reduce high blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol.

-Cycling is an activity for all ages! Since it’s easier on the body, many runners switch to cycling after it becomes too hard to run on a daily basis.

-Helps to reduce stress and depression! Fresh air, wind in your hair and burning calories all leads to a healthier and happier you!

Take some time this month to venture out with your family and friends while exploring your local area. Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. 


New Pool Installation! - May 15, 2015

Summer is almost here! We are excited to announce that Pool World is installing another fabulous inground concrete wall vinyl lined swimming pool. The engineered concrete walled vinyl lined pool is the ease of ownership of a vinyl pool with the strength of a concrete gunite pool. 

This 20’x40’ beauty has been installed just south of Spokane Valley. The pool has a variety of unique features to meet the family’s needs including a custom design with 18” exposed wall on the downside of the hill, custom lighting design with Pentair 5G color light show, automatic sanitation system, concrete decking, and automatic cover!



This family will be making memories in and around their swimming pool for years to come. Creating a space in their own backyard will provide a fun and relaxing place that will encourage family time and summer get together!

If you are interested in an inground swimming pool, please visit our Engineered Concrete Wall Vinyl Lined Swimming Pool page!  

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