Team & Club Rewards to Spokane Humane Society - August 13, 2015

We want to give a HUGE THANKS to our customer Patricia A. for donating her Team & Club Rewards to the Spokane Humane Society! Thank you for supporting such a great local organization!!

The Spokane Humane Society is a local non-profit public charity dedicated to the welfare of companion animals. Since 1897, they have acted as a refuge for animals in peril by providing care, shelter, and placement for tens of thousands of lost, neglected, and unwanted animals in the greater Spokane area. The number of animals they serve has varied over the years based upon their mission and role as animal control or in their current role as a companion animal adoption shelter.

Patricia was able to donate a Team & Club Reward through the purchase of her new Free Flow Monterey hot tub. It’s a perfect plug-n-play 110v hot tub that comfortably seats 5 adults in a lounge configuration. There is nothing better than relaxing and allowing 225 warm swirling gallons of water to transform you into feeling rejuvenated.

If you are interested in seeing more information on a hot tub to meet your needs please visit our Residential Hot Tub page!

New Hot Tub Delivery - August 11, 2015

Spokane and the Coeur d’Alene areas has finally cooled down from the record temperatures which means that the evenings are ideal for hot tubbing! The hot temperatures haven’t stopped our customers from purchasing a new hot tub that way it would be delivered in time for fall! Here’s a recent hot tub delivered by our crews!

This hot tub was recently delivered in the St. Maries area. There is no better place to relax after a busy day than a hot tub! This family has created a spot where they can come all year long in the evenings and enjoy the warm swirling water while enjoying a beautiful view.

The hot tub that was delivered was a Hot Spring Envoy with a champagne shell and coastal gray siding that fits 5 adults comfortably in a lounge formation. This unit is known for its stylish design and powerful jets that provide a superior experience. Each and every Envoy has 43 hydrotherapy jets that circulate 450 gallons of warm pulsating jets and Luminescence multi-zone lighting system.

For more information on Hot Spring Hot Tubs or any other line available at Pool World, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page. 

Auto-Ship Program - August 10, 2015

Pool World created an Auto-Ship Program over 6 years ago to assist our customers with their maintenance on their swimming pool or hot tub! The Auto-Ship Program features the following products: Silk Balance, The Pool Frog Mineral Cartridge and The Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge.

This particular program allows our customers to save time and money and still get the products that they need for their hot tubs and pools! It’s perfect for pool or hot tub owners who live out of town or lives a busy life style and who are unable to make it into one of our four locations. When a customer signs up, they will receive their product automatically on a routine basis. Plus, Pool World pays for shipping!

The Auto-Ship Program has also offers a few other benefits such as a great discount on every item shipped out and it’s a friendly reminder to check on the pool or hot tub. For hot tubs, it’s an ideal time to complete a full drain and refill. 

There are a variety of options to sign up for, please visit our Auto-Ship Programs on our website! 

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