Fantasy Flight - November 09, 2015

Help children this holiday season by donation to Spokane’s Fantasy Flight program that allows the neediest children to experience what Christmas is really all about!

Take advantage of the Fantasy Flight discount and create your backyard vacation in time for the holidays. Experience winter like you never have before! Imagine coming home from a day out in the cold, wet, and windy weather knowing that you have warm swirling water waiting for you and knowing you helped the less fortunate learn what holiday cheer is all about! Let the hydrotherapy massage relaxation into your life while keeping away the chill.

Receive 10% OFF any over the counter purchase with the donation of $5 or more. This is a one time discount for donation.

This special fundraiser will be lasting through the end of the year, December 31st!

It's that time of year again... - November 06, 2015

October was warmer then normal which fooled all of us into thinking that winter was just a little farther away then it actually was! Then November rolls in and hits our area with normal temperatures in the low 40’s. It just cold and something that many of us were not prepared for.

Luckily, our area does not have snow on the ground, or freezing cold temperatures during the day! Looking at the projected forecast for the next week or so and this weekend, has the highest predicted temperature and may be the perfect time to do a drain and refill on your hot tub! Yes, it’s a little cold outside but it’s still in the mid 40’s. Just think about the warm soothing water. Plus if you do it now, you may be able to last till a warmer spring day to do the next refill!

Prepping the hot tub right now will take one thing off of your to do list before the chaos of the holiday season! And remember, Pool World offers a water lab to assist you with your hot tub water chemistry.

Please visit any of our stores to find out more about a specific hot tub or bring in your water sample to be tested! Or visit our Residential Hot Tubs page!

Barbecue & Grill Sales This Weekend!! - October 26, 2015

We are super excited to have our Central Store 5701 E. Sprague Ave is having a SPOOK-tacular barbecue sale this weekend! If you are looking for frightening deals on Weber, Big Green Egg or Traeger Grills, please visit our Central Store this weekend at 5701 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane, WA 99212. Savings only available this weekend! Friday October 30th 9-5:30pm and Saturday October 31st from 9 till 5!

Fall is the perfect time to prepare for the holidays ahead of us! Pick out your ideal grill and have plenty of time to perfect a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. Imagine the flavor that could be had with apple pellets infusing the bird and stuffing and it just makes your mouth starts to water!

Have you ever tried a smoked prime rib? This could become your family’s new tradition for Christmas dinner! Smoking a prime rib has the ability to bring out intense flavors out of the meat while creating a smoke ring crust around the outside that helps to lock in all the juices and flavors. Traeger provides endless ways to smoke a prime rib! Add some garlic, rosemary or maybe a red wine sauce is more your style.

This weekend only, Pool World will have the Traeger Lonestar Grill marked at WICKED good prices! Don’t miss out on the huge discounts on grills, spices, and accessories! Please come to our Central Spokane Pool World 5701 E Sprauge Ave or visit our Barbecue/Grills page. 

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