National Barbecue Month! - May 02, 2016

May is National Barbecue Month for a reason!! The Spokane and Coeur d’Alene evenings are perfect to enjoy an evening outside grilling. Take a night and enjoy the fresh air and barbecue outside. Avoid all the hassles of going out to eat like dressing up, travel and then waiting to be seated. Enjoy your backyard and grill.

We always recommend supporting local businesses. For the month of May we have a variety of local companies who’ve created fabulous barbecue seasonings and sauces right here in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area.

Fletchers Sauce Company located in Mead, WA. Their sauce selection includes a traditional barbecue sauce all the way to a spicy hot sauce.

Booey’s Gourmet is located here in Spokane. You can expect sauces from their Original Pepper sauce all the way to a spicy zing with a kick!

Last but not least, Spiceologist. Started right here in Spokane by two local residents who absolutely loved cooking but inspired by spices. They use their knowledge of cooking mixed with exotic seasoning flavors to create a series of spices that are sure to please everyone!

Get outside and enjoy this sunshine! Maybe you don’t have a grill or maybe you are looking to upgrade, come check out our Barbecue/Grills page. 

Doughboy! - April 29, 2016

Are you already looking forward to the summer sun? When the summer sun comes, everyone needs a place to cool off! Why not install an above ground swimming pool? Pool World carries Doughboy above ground swimming pools. Doughboy Swimming Pools come in a variety of models, shapes and sizes. This isn’t the standard above ground swimming pool, Doughboy has special models where they may be installed inground. 

Come into one of our locations and learn about the available features and designs that make these pools amazing! Every pool wall they manufacture are protected by a zinc clad hot-dipped galvanized steel that receive multiple protective coatings. The pool walls are unique because they are coated with a  special epoxy coating that resist corrosion and condensation. This is just one of the many reasons why to purchase a Doughboy Aboveground Swimming Pool.

If you are interested in having an above ground or an in ground swimming pool, please visit our Above-Ground Pools page!

Paws for Cause! - April 28, 2016

It’s nearing the end of April! This means that Pool World’s fundraiser for the Spokane and Kootenai Humane Society through our annual Paws for Cause is almost over! Come in today to donate and take advantage of the savings! 

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