Hot Tub Delivery - July 20, 2016

Spokane and the Coeur d’Alene areas has experienced some cooler days in July but this hasn’t stopped hot tubbers from enjoying their backyard. Cool summer evenings are ideal for a soak in your hot tub and looking up at the stars!

Recently this hot tub was delivered overlooking the  Spokane   River . There is no better place to relax after a busy day than a hot tub! This family has created a spot where they can come all year long in the evenings and enjoy the warm swirling water.

The hot tub that was delivered was a Hot Spring Hot Spot Relay hot tub that fits 6 adults comfortably with a lounge. This unit is known for its stylish design and powerful jets that provide a superior experience. Each and every Relay has 35 hydrotherapy jets that circulate 360 gallons of warm pulsating jets and ten multi-color points of LED lights.  

For more details on Hot Spring, Caldera or Free Flow Spas, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page!

Time to add some algaecide - July 18, 2016

Do you use an algaecide in your swimming pool on a weekly basis? It not, then there are a few reasons to use an algaecide on a weekly maintenance routine.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance Dosage: Regular usage of an algaecide helps prevent your swimming pool from turning green while providing a few benefits. While using an algaecide, the chlorine consumption is reduced which means swimmers may enjoy lower sanitizer levels. The algaecide also inhibits any build up in the filtration system which allows the life expectancy of the equipment to extend. A few other pluses are ease of use and handling and application, cost effective and widely available.

Dreaded Green Pool: Using a shock and an algaecide treatment to clear a swimming pool that has turned green is never fun! Adding a combination of a chlorine shock plus an algaecide will increase the time that it will take for the pool to clear.

When having to treat a green pool, please these helpful tips!

When having to treat a green pool, please these helpful tips!

1 Double check all of your equipment, this includes the filtration system.

2 Test pH level and adjust as needed before starting treatment. PH needs to be between 7.2-7.4.

3 Brush walls, corners, floors and around all steps, ladders and lights to help remove algae from surfaces.

4 Apply algaecide as directed on container per pool size for “Visible Algae.”

5 Superchlorinate the swimming pool as directed on container for swimming pool size. Allow the swimming pool to circulate. ( 2 lbs per every 10,000 gallons)

6 Allow the swimming pools filtration system to work for 24 to 48 hours (this includes, running the pump continuously until the water is clear). The appearance of the water should gradually improve over this time.

7 The next day, you may want to add a clarifier or flocculent to help expedite the clearing process. Clarifier’s will make the debris bigger to make it easier for your pool to remove debris and flocculents drop dead debris over night to the bottom of pool to be vacuumed ‘to waste’.

**If the pool is clear and you’ve maintained a chlorine level of 2-5 ppm, start using your normal chlorine application. If it’s clear but no chlorine is left, add a normal shock application and add normal chlorine dosage.

Experience a SwimSpa - July 15, 2016

Summer has arrived! During our warm weather we are able to enjoy our backyards and being outdoors. If you want to take this experience to a whole new level, you should look into an Endless Swimspa!

A Swimspa has the ability to give you the best of both worlds; exercise and relaxation. There are a variety of options to choose from to ensure that you have everything you need to exercise in your new SwimSpa. One of the most popular options is an underwater treadmill combined with the Endless Pool swim current. It provides you the option to swim or walk against a current while the water reduces the impact on your joints. The second portion for a SwimSpa is the ability to use it for relaxation. It may be bigger than a traditional hot tub but it has all the same therapeutic and relaxation benefits. Each unit has sculpted seating arrangements with customizable jets to swirl away any tension or stress in your life. Every time you leave your SwimSpa you will feel like a new person!

Now is the time to purchase a SwimSpa. Pool World just placed two Endless Pool SwipSpa displays on clearance! Take advantage of the savings over $5,000! Stop into your local Pool World store for more information! 

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