Take the easy route! - August 11, 2016

Pool World has created an Auto-Ship program to assist our customers. This program was created for our customers using: Silk Balance, The Pool Frog Mineral Cartridge and The Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge.

This is a wonderful program allows our customers to save time and money and still get the products that they need for their hot tubs and pools! Once you sign up and depending on your product of choice, you will receive automatic billing and shipping of your product. Plus, Pool World pays for shipping!

There are a variety of options to sign up for, please visit our Auto-Ship Programs on our website! 

National S'more Day! - August 10, 2016

Take a few moments this evening to create a memory to remember…. Today is National S’mores Day! Today’s the day where it’s ok to over indulge in chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows while spending time with your family and friends.

If you are afraid of being caught in the rain, here’s an easy way to celebrate National S’more’s Day while using your barbecue! 

Hot Tub Benefits - August 08, 2016

Fall will be here before you know it! For many people, fall can be very uncomfortable because of the way it impact their arthritis, muscle, joints, or muscle stiffness. It’s socking at how many people deal with this seasonally and how soaking in a hot tub has the ability to ease the discomfort.

Doctors commonly prescribe soaking in a hot tub to help alleviate the pain. Hot tubs have the ability to reduce the discomfort for muscle strains, sprains, and other injuries. Taking only a few moments out of your daily routine to soak in warm pulsating water has the ability to accelerate healing and reduce pain.

Experience a hot tub to see how it can relax and sooth your sore muscles after a good workout. The swirling water will wash away your daily stresses from your daily life. Or if you are looking for a better night sleep, then take 10 to 15 minutes out of your evening before bed. Soaking will help elevate your core temperature and once you’ve completed your soak, your core temperature will decrease to normal but this decrease will assist with falling into a sounder, deeper sleep.

These are just a couple ways that a hot tub could improve your daily life! Come into one of our four store locations for more information or visit our Residential Hot Tubs page. 

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