Factory Rebate Sales Event - September 01, 2016

Hot Spring Factory Rebate Sales Event is almost here! We wait all year long for this promotion because it has an instant rebate of $1000. Come into one of our four store locations during September 9-19th to see the Highlife Collection of hot tubs.

Hot Spring Highlife Collection

Every hot tub in the Highlife Collection offers premium features that provide you with the best hot tub experience every day for years to come. Hot Spring Hot Tubs are known for their innovative jets combinations, superior filtration and advanced water care systems.

Hot Spring Highlife NXT Collection 

The next generation of hot tubs has arrived within Hot Springs Highlife NXT Collection with the premium features of the Highlife Collection but has been enhanced! Within this new collection of hot tubs you will notice sculpted shells, redesigned jets, innovative exterior design and new look! Not to mention the new control system for operating the lights, jets and all the other special features available. The distinctive enhancements include the polymeric sub-structure, indicator lights, architectural molded corners, exterior lighting, and a polymeric base pan.

For more information on Hot Spring Spas, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs

Pool Closing Seminar - August 25, 2016

To help our customers prepare for fall and winter, Pool World has their annual Pool Closing Seminar Thursday September 22nd at 7:00 pm. The class will be held at the Central Store located at 5701 E Sprague Ave.

New or experienced pool owners are welcome to join us at this event to learn more about their swimming pool and how to prepare for winter. If you attend this event you will have the pleasure of being taught by our BioGuard representative who has years of expertise in the pool industry. It’s an ideal time to come and ask questions about normal pool operation, water chemistry and pool closing. Come enjoy refreshments and take advantage of special savings.

Pool World’s annual Pool Closing Seminar is Thursday September 22nd @ 7:00 pm at our Central store located at 5701 E Sprague Ave.

Fire Season - August 24, 2016

Summer has been a little abnormal this year which has helped to delay the 2016 fire season. Last year the fire season started months early and left more devastation than anyone could of prepared for.

Every year Mother Nature decides to provide with something a little different than years prior and this year she did just that!  We had cooler temperatures, wetter spring and fire season started abnormally late. No matter what type of year or weather conditions Mother Nature sends our way, there are a few things that you can do to help protect your property and home.

Protect your home Year Around:

Maintain a 100-foot clear zone around your home. It’s recommended to have a minimum of 30 feet. If you have the ability to have more, create a larger buffer.

Keep landscape pruned and off the ground. If possible cut all vegetation to be 10 feet above the ground. Remove any dead or dying trees.

Add a wildfire sprinkler system

Update old roofs to shingles with asphalt composite or a metal roof.

Keep your drive ways or pathways covered with gravel, rock, brick, or other nonflammable substances.

Move and keep woodpiles at least 100 feet away from your home. If on a hillside, keep the piles on the uphill side.

Mow grass and fields regularly, and keep it trimmed about 4 inches in height.

Remove any access debris from or below decks and porches.

Enclose all eaves and overhangs.

Make your address visible from the road. This will help firefighters and crews in case of an emergency.

Protect your home when a Wildfire is in the area:

Move all items that will burn away from your home. Put them in storage or outside of your defensible area. (Items: lawn furniture, barbecues, tarp coverings, etc.)

Shut off all natural gas, propane or fuel oil supplies at the source.

Remove debris from rain gutters and roof.

Remove any dead or dying trees and if possible, trim other trees and vegetation up to 10 feet above the ground.

Clear vegetation around fire hydrants, cisterns, propane tanks, etc.

Relocate all animals from the property to safe housing until the threat has passed.

Connect garden hoses. Fill any pools, hot tubs, garbage cans, tubs or other large containers for water.

Disconnect any automatic garage door openers but keep maintaining them for manual operation.

Place lawn sprinklers on the roof, around the property and keep any vegetation around the home wet.

Crate and pack up any “non-replaceable” items such as photos and important documents into a quick grab box. 

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