Common Weather Myths - May 22, 2012

Now that spring is here and the weather is getting warmer and sunnier here are a few myths to consider before spending time outdoors:

"You don't have to worry about a sunburn on a cloudy/overcast day."
MYTH: Clouds don't affect how much harmful UV exposure someone receives.
"Heat isn't a problem until July or August when temperatures peak."
MYTH: Heat exhaustion or heat stroke are more prevalent early in the season, because our bodies haven't had a chance to acclimate to the temperature changes.
"After a thunderstorm passes, if the rain stops and you have blue sky above, the threat of lightning is over."
MYTH: Not necessarily. If you can still hear thunder, you can still be hit. Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from a storm.
"The more expensive sunscreens work better."
MYTH: With any SPF 30 or greater you're blocking 95% of the suns harmful rays.
"Apply your sunscreen and you're good for the entire day."
MYTH:  Many sunscreens will take 15 minutes before they are effective and may need to be reapplied several times a day. It is recommended with most to use 1 ounce of product when applying to the body.
When applying sunscreen the most commonly forgotten places on the body are:
  • Top of head/hairline part
  • Top and back of ears
  • Top of feet
  • Lips

Team & Club Rewards Program - May 01, 2012


Anyone interested in purchasing a hot tub, sauna or above ground pool from Pool World has an opportunity to select an organization to donate to of their choice!  Send your friends, employees, volunteers, supporters, parents, etc in if they are interested in making a purchase of a hot tub, sauna or above ground pool, and they can select your organization or one of their own to get a $100 check!

The premise of the Team and Club Rewards Program is to help you fund-raise all year long.  The program truly is a win-win for you and for Pool World.  We understand how important fund-raising is to your organization and we want to support you.  We are a local family owned business who has pride in our community and this is a way for Pool World to give back to our local organizations, clubs and programs that could use extra fund-raising!

Once the product has been paid in full and delivered we will prepare a check - it’s that easy!  You are welcome to bring in your team or organization to pick up the check and get some photos with us.

If you have questions at any time or would like an informational packet please don’t hesitate to contact me.
You can reach me by email: or by phone: 509-928-6585.

We want to WELCOME you to the Pool World Team and Club Rewards Program!



Meteor Showers - April 13, 2012

Sitting in your hot tub watching the stars is enjoyable at any time but even more enjoyable when you want to watch the sky for falling Meteors. Here are some dates to mark on the calendar to remind yourself to keep an eye on the sky for a glimpse at the expected Meteor shower.  Have fun and enjoy!

June 14 - 16

July 28 - 30

August 12 - 13

October 8 - 9, 21 - 22

November 5 - 12, 16 - 18

December 12 - 14

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