Hot Tub Cover - October 29, 2012


What does your Hot Tub Cover look like? Does it look as bad as this cover looks?

Winter is coming and this is when it takes a lot of neglect and abuse. Having a quality hot tub cover affects the experience you receive to the cost of heating and maintaining your hot tub. Here are a few things to take into consideration.

How old is your hot tub?

A quality cover typically last from 4 to 6 years. If regular maintenance of washing the dirt and debris off your cover and adding a vinyl conditioner and UV protecting cream is added, a covers vinyl will be softer and will help extend the life of the cover. It will help protect the cover against freezing cold and blistering heat.

How the condition of your cover?

Most covers are tugged, pulled, dropped, dragged, leaned on, lifted and even sat and sunbathed on. This all means that the covers take a beating on and wear out. If you see steam pouring out around your cover, its leaking heat and moisture and needs to be replaced.

Come into one of our four store locations to find out about a new hot tub cover! Check out our variety of different cover lifters that are available to make enjoying your hot tub a little easier! Please visit our Hot Tub Page for more ideas for your back yard!

Drain and Refill Hot Tub - October 26, 2012


How is your spa doing? When was the last drain and refill?

Since the weather is getting colder and it’s heading into winter, Pool World recommends draining and refilling your hot tub before the temperatures get below freezing. Here are some helpful hints to get you on your way!


Draining Hot Tub

1. Disconnect the spa from the power supply by tripping both of the GFCI breakers located in the subpanel or by unplugging from the outlet.

2. Locate the drain valve for the spa and remove the drain cap. Connect a garden hose to the drain valve and route the outlet of the hose to an appropriate draining area.

(This will prevent you from flooding of the foundation surrounding the spa)

Note: Spa water with a high sanitizer level may harm plants and grass.

3. Open the valve by turning the knob. The spa will drain by gravitational flow.

IMPORTANT: All Hot Spring spa models will drain almost completely through the main drain valve and the secondary drain. Equipment such as the jet pump and heating system will drain.

4. Most of the water to drain through the main drain.

5. Remove threaded cap from secondary drain. This will drain the remaining water (about one gallon) from the rest of the system.

6. Close the drain valve and reinstall the drain cap.

7. Reinstall threaded cap onto secondary drain.

8. Refill the spa through the filter compartment BEFORE restoring power.

Note: Refill water temperature must be between 50° - 70°F to avoid high-limit tripping.

IMPORTANT: Always clean and rotate the filter cartridges each time the spa is drained for cleaning.


• Do not fill the spa with hot water, as tripping of the high-limit thermostat may result.

• DO NOT CONNECT POWER TO AN EMPTY SPA. Power to the spa automatically activates critical components within the spa, such as controls, heater, and other systems. If power is supplied to these components prior to the spa being filled, the components will be damaged, and this may result in a non-warranty component failure.

• Do not use your spa after filling until steps listed below are completed.


Start Up and Filling your Hot Tub

1. Close all drains and fill the hot tub with water by putting the hose down the center of the gray standpipe in the filter compartment. This will minimize airlocks in the equipment by filling through the heater, pumps and jets, pushing most of the air out of the lines . The water level of your hot tub should be maintained at a level of 1½ inches above the highest jet.  

IMPORTANT: Watkins® Manufacturing Corporation does not recommend that the spa be filled with “softened” water, as this may damage the spa’s equipment.

2. AFTER the spa has been filled with water and the equipment compartment door is secured, power must be applied to the spa. 

  • 115 volt models: Connect the GFCI to the waterproof receptacle and push the RESET button on the GFCI.

  • 230 volt models: 
    Vanguard, Sovereign, converted Prodigy & converted Jetsetter - reset the 20 amp GFCI breaker first & verify system is primed by pushing the JETS hardbutton once, than the JETMAX soft button to make both jet pumps run on high for 1 minute. Than reset the 30 amp breaker.

    Vista, Grandee, Envoy or Aria models - reset the 30 amp GFCI breaker first, verify the system is primed as outlined above, then reset the 20 amp breaker. 

3. The spa will achieve a partial prime as the spa is filled. This will include jet pump(s), heating system and all internal plumbing. Once the jet system is fully operational (indicated by strong, non-surging jets), priming of the spa is complete.

4. Test the spa water’s chemistry and adjust as needed. Or an easier way, head to your closest Pool World and take advantage of our free water testing for our customers! More information will also be listed in the “Water Quality and Maintenance” section of the Owners Manual.

5. Set the temperature control to the desired temperature (between 100°F and 104°F), then place the thermal cover on the spa and allow the water temperature to stabilize (approximately 24 hours). Make sure you secure the cover in place using the cover locks. Periodically check the spa water temperature.

  •  Hot tubs on 110V may take up to 36 hours to heat

  •  Hot tubs on 220V may take up to 12 hours to heat on average

Drain and Refill your Hot Tub 3 - 4 times a year. Do not drain your hot tub in temperatures below 40 degrees due to the possibility of freezing.


Riverview Retirement Community - October 25, 2012

Pool World has been working with Goebel Construction on a 12,700-square-foot natatorium for the Riverview Retirement Community on East Upriver Drive. Pool World has been designing and working on the project since July 2011. The Riverview Retirement Community will have a lap pool that will be 4 lanes with dimensions of  28'x75' which will include a unique resistance walking training feature. Pool World is also creating a wellness pool with counter swim jets that will be 16'x32', and a therapy spa with ADA transfer platform access which will be 8'x12' for their community.

(Picture was taken October 24th, 2012. The project is still under construction.)

If you would like to find out more about  swimming pools please visit our website under the products tab.

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