Door Prizes - November 29, 2012

Door Prizes will be handed out every half hour at

Pool World’s Holiday Gift and Clearance Sale

this Saturday! Here are a couple of the door prizes.

Big Green Egg Mini! Check out Pool World’s Barbeque/Grills page for more information on this product.

Silk Balance and Clean Start for your hot tubs water care. Look at our website for more information at Silk Balance Water Care.









Sneak Peak at Clearance BBQ List - November 28, 2012

Wow! Look what will be on sale this Saturday at Pool World’s Holiday Gift and Clearance Sale! There will be six, yes SIX different bbq’s at clearance pricing! Here is a sneak peak!





If you want to see all the brands Pool World carries for barbeques and grills, check out our Barbeque/Grills page!


Nice Weather is perfect for a Drain & Refill - November 27, 2012

No snow on the ground, no freezing cold temperatures and yet the days are slowly creeping into the month of December.

Looking at the projected forecast for this week and the weekend, this may be the perfect time to do a drain and refill on your hot tub!  Right now would be wonderful timing! Yes, outside it is still in the mid 40’s but think about the warm soothing water. Plus if you do it now, you may be able to last till a warmer spring to do another one!

Prepping the hot tub right now will take one thing off of your to do list before the holidays! And remember, Pool World offers a water lab to assist you with your hot tub water chemistry.

Please visit any of our stores to find out more about a specific hot tub or bring in your water sample to be tested! Or visit our Residential Hot Tubs page!

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