Christmas Gift Ideas: Sauna Towel - December 19, 2012


For your loved one who enjoys their moments relaxing in a warm and soothing sauna, maybe they are in need of a new accessory to enhance their sauna experience. Every sauna bather will enjoy a new towel! A new towel can be used to wrap up in after getting out or maybe just a hand towel to use during your soak.



If you are interested in a new Finnleo towel or any other accessories that they offer, please come into one of our four store locations to view their products.

Maybe you are interested in purchasing a sauna for your self this Christmas, then check out Pool World’s Saunas page for more information on Finnleo Saunas.



Christmas Gift Ideas: BBQ Jalapeno Grill Rack Set - December 18, 2012



Looking for that spicy gift for your loved one that will satisfy their taste buds?

A new Jalapeno Grill Rack and Corer Set designed by Big Green Egg is the perfect solution!



This spicy set makes it easy to prep the Jalapeno Poppers! The corer helps remove all of those little hard to get seeds while the rack holds up to 20 peppers in the up right position. While the peppers are in a strong stainless steel base, it allows you to fill those spicy things with some amazing ingredients that will sizzle and melt together in one tasty snack! Some of the best recipes include cream cheese, a variety of shredded cheese, bacon crumbles, sausage, hot sauce, cayenne seasoning, or maybe some lemon or other seasonings.

Pool World carries this set as well as many others. For more information on which brands are available,

please visit our Barbecue/Grills page.




Plastimayd Cover Logix - December 17, 2012

Look at this cover! Safety, good looks and easy installation!

Spokane hasn’t seen very much snow this year which means that you get to see your whole back yard, including your closed swimming pool. For some this can be an unsightly image and it doesn’t have to be that way! Pool World carries Safety Covers manufactured by Plastimayd.



A Plastimayd Cover Logix safety covers come in a variety of materials, options and shapes to meet every families needs. This cover will look similar to a trampoline but will protect your children, grandchildren, pets and wildlife from falling into the pool during the winter months. A winter cover with easy installation, safety, and makes your backyard look amazing is all any pool owner can ask for!


For more information in regards to winter safety covers, please visit the Pool Features page on our website!

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