Time to relax in your hot tub! - December 26, 2012

Time to relax in the Hot Springs Hot Tub!

Santa and his raindeer have!

Christmas has came and gone!







Christmas Gift Idea: BBQ Fire Wire - December 21, 2012


Looking for that unique gift to make grilling a little more fun?!? Pool World has the perfect solution, Fire Wire! It’s a flexible skewer made up of food grade stainless steel that allows you to cube the desired meat of choice and place it onto the skewer. Then once the skewer is ¾ of the way full, place it into a marinade soak. When you are ready, take the skewer directly from the marinade to the grill!



Have a few skewers with some fresh cubed fruit like pineapple chunks, apples, oranges or maybe vegetables are more your type. A variety of beef, poultry or fish all sizzled up with the vegetables and fruit will make the perfect grilled dinner!

If you want to see what other barbecue accessories, seasonings, and sauce Pool World has to offer please come into one our four store locations. For more information on which barbecue brands Pool World carries, please visit our Barbecue/Grills page!




Christmas Gift Ideas: BBQ Smoker Box - December 20, 2012

Want to give a gift to enhance your loved ones life? Have you considered giving a gift to enhance their grilling ability? Weber has came out with the perfect gift for someone who wants to add a little smoke into their grilling recipes, a Stainless Steel Smoker Box.

Set the stainless steel box onto of the cooking grate of any gas grill and add the perfect amount of wood chips and start cooking! As the grill is warming up and grilling, the wood chips will start to roast which will provide a delicious enhanced smoky flavor to anything you grill.

The greatest thing about this Smoker Box is that it can be used or removed depending on your recipe!

Curious of what brands Pool World carries for smokers, check out Barbecue/Grills page on our website!


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