Fall Newswave Newsletter - September 20, 2016

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It was just released yesterday, Monday September 19th.

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Last Day! - September 19, 2016

Last day to take advantage of the Hot Spring Factory Rebate Sales Event! 

Pool Closing Season - September 13, 2016

As fall approaches with cooler temperatures, it’s time to start thinking about closing the swimming pool. If this is a task that you prefer to hire out, please call our Service Department as soon as possible at 1(800)876-4340. Appointments are first come first serve.

In our region it’s a necessity to winterize your swimming pool in order to protect it from freeze damage. Making sure to close your swimming pool properly also has the ability to make your spring opening go a lot smoother.

Balance your swimming pool water about 4 to 7 days prior to closing your pool is the highest priority other than blowing out the lines of the pool. The week allows you with plenty of time to make any water chemistry adjustments before closing your pool. Preparing the swimming pool chemistry prior to closing is slightly higher then normal operating levels. Ideal closing chemistry is having your pools ph at 7.6-7.8, pool alkalinity above 125ppm, calcium hardness above 150ppm and then shocking the swimming pool.

For more helpful tips about closing your swimming pool, please visit our How-to Worksheets & Helpful Links page. 

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