Health Benefits from a Sauna - May 09, 2013


In today's busy lifestyles, many of us don't take a moment to relax and enjoy a sauna. Here are a couple benefits that you could experience with regular sauna sessions.

Relaxes Muscles and Southes Aches and Pains

While enjoying the heat, the body’s core temperature will increase which stimulates vascular circulation that promotes the natural healing process throughout the whole body.  

Relieves Stress

It’s a warm, relaxing and quiet place to come unwind from our stressful busy lives. In the heat your body will release endorphins that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!


For more information on saunas please visit our Sauna page on our website!



Kreepy Krauly Prowler 820 & 830 - May 08, 2013



KREEPY KRAULY PROWLER has two amazing models for robotic in ground pool cleaning. The Prowler 820 and 830 both provide superior power and eco-friendly cleaning to keep your pool spotless. Its advanced design scrubs, vacuums and filters, cleaning most pools in just three hours.

820 Features include: Auto-reverse feature helps prevent hang-ups in corners, steps and ladders; designed with a built in filter to assist the filtration system; has a convenient caddy for easy handling and storage; Plugs in like a vacuum but with less effort of operation; Easy to maintain; Filter cartridge is quick and easy to clean; Cleaner and key components are certified to UL standards for safety by ETL.

830 Features include: All features listed above and comes with a remote control functions which provides the ability for quick spot clean-ups.

More information is available at our store locations and there are even display models to play with! For more information on where to find us, please visit our location & hours page! 


Team & Club Rewards to El Katif Shriners - May 07, 2013


Pool World wants to give a big thanks to Herb P. for selecting

El Katif Shriners as the organization to

receive a $100 Donation!!

Thank you Herb!! 



Herb purchased a FreeFlow Emerald hot tub, if you are interested in seeing more information please visit Pool World’s Residential Hot Tub page!



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