Cheney Free Swim Saturday - August 05, 2013


Pool World had a successful day sponsoring Free Open Swim Saturday at the Cheney public outdoor pool!

Next Saturdays will also be sponsored by Pool World, please be sure to make it out to next Saturday’s Free Open Swim (1pm - 4 pm)! Sunshine Water Exercise = Saturday Fun!!



If you are interested in owning your own pool, please visit our Swimming Pool page!  


April Showers in August! - August 02, 2013


Yes, today is August 2nd and all we can think when looking outside for the past two days, “April Showers brings May Flowers!” but its AUGUST!

For you Hot Tub owners, you are in luck! These cooler days with warm showers are an ideal time to take a moment to enjoy your hot tub during the summer! Grab your rain jacket or an umbrella and a towel and adventure out to your hot tub!

Just think about how nice it will feel having the crisp air and rain falling down around you while sinking into the swirling warm water! Take a delicious cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this rare gloomy day in August!

If you don’t have a hot tub but you want to enjoy a moment like this, please visit our Residential Hot Tub page!


Team & Club Rewards to Red Cross - August 01, 2013


Pool World wants to give a big thanks to Dave M. for selecting

Red Cross, Spokane Chapter as the organization to

receive a $100 Donation!!

Thank you Dave!! 


The Red Cross, Spokane Chapter provides compassionate care to those who are in need. Their network of volunteers, staff, and donors share the same mission which is to prevent and relieve suffering here in our own community as well as around the world. The organization does this through Disaster Relief, International Services, Supporting Military Families, Health and Safety Services and Blood services.



If you have questions in regards to Team & Club Rewards or would like to find out how to donate, please contact one of our four store locations and or call one of our stores.

Dave purchased a SX Hot Spot hot tub and if you are interested in seeing more information please visit Pool World’s Residential Hot Tub page!

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