New Delivery! - November 01, 2016

New Hot Spring Hot Tub Delivery!

This beautiful 2016 Hot Spring Grandee Hot Tub from the Highlife Collection was recently delivered overlooking the Pend Oreille River. The Grandee hot tub is perfect for 7 adults to relax comfortably while enjoying the state-of-the-art jets, two-speed jet pumps and two seats featuring moto-massage dx jets. Enjoy the 43 customizable jets and the 500 gallons of warm swirling water. This hot tub is perfect for a couple or the whole family! This family will be making memories in and around the water for years to come.

If you are interested in a hot tub, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page.   

Halloween Safety Tips - October 28, 2016

Halloween is Monday! It’s an evening filled with ghouls, witches, super heroes and princesses. Every Halloween has terrifying statistics that children and adults are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed. A large factor in this is due to the dark clothing, masks and the increased amount of pedestrians walking from house to house. Since the probability of being injured is more than doubled, here are a few recommendations on having a safe, fun filled night!

  • Make sure costumes fit properly and will not be a tripping hazard.
  • Ensure that all accessories or props with costumes are dull and cannot puncture; they should be short, soft and flexible. Any toy guns, swords or weapons should be left at home.
  • Choose face paint and make up over a mask. This will allow children and adults to have unobstructed vision.
  • Supervise of children under the age of 12 while trick-or-treating, older children should stay in groups and should have an established curfew. They should be expected to stick to a route.
  • Remind your children to trick-or-treat only well-lit houses with front doors that may be viewed from the street. This includes instructing the kids never to enter any home.
  • Inspect all candy before allowing children to eat it. Avoid handmade treats.

If you are partaking in Halloween adult events and bubbly concoctions, please remember to designate a driver or call a cab. Monday with the increased foot traffic, it’s not worth the risk.

For all of you adults, who will be adventuring out with your goblins and ghouls, just remember at the end of the night you will have your warm and ready hot tub to climb into after the trick-or-treating is over. Climb in, relax and warm up!

Trade In Trade Up - October 27, 2016

Throughout the year we run a variety of different sales and programs centered around Hot Spring, Caldera and Free Flow hot tubs and one of these happen to the be Annual Trade In Trade Up Sales Event that is going on now!

The Trade In Trade Up Sales Event allows Pool World to offer RENEWED hot tubs in excellent to fair condition to our customers later in the year at our Warehouse Clearance Sale in December.

Why should you upgrade to a new hot tub? Well for starters, Watkins Wellness manufactures Hot Spring, Caldera and Free Flow Hot Tubs has made outstanding advances in the hot tub experience. One of their largest successes is the NEW ACE salt sanitizer system. The new system takes salt and transforms into a powerful sanitizer using a diamond electrode. Their second enhancement reduces the owners cost of operation because of their advanced full-foam insulation. Ease of use, filtration, clean and clear water and so much more! When someone chooses to upgrade, this allows other customers of ours to get into a renewed hot tub.

What is a renewed hot tub? A Pool World Renewed hot tub has a variety of special features that include a 90 day warranty, 100 point inspection and all repairs are completed by a certified technician.

Why does Pool World sell renewed hot tubs? Well we strongly believe in a few facts of life, everyone loves something new; not everyone can afford a fancy brand new hot tub with all the gadgets and people love a good deal! Plus, it’s good for Pool World and great for our customers! These used hot tubs also allow us to employ our service and construction departments through the cold winter months with projects that help keep them inside and out of the cold.

Come take advantage of Trade In Trade Up Sales Event going on now for the latest and greatest features in hot tubs! For more information on Caldera, Hot Spring or Free Flow, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page. 

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