Winter Pool Installation - February 11, 2014
The snow has been falling and our construction department is hard at work installing and prepping for multiple pool installations.
This swimming pool is being installed in the Spokane Valley. The collection of pictures depicts a 18x40 gunite in ground swimming pool. Within the upcoming months this pool will be completed with a variety of special features. A pool design may be as simple or elaborate as it needs to be to meet the owner’s needs. This pool design includes all the bells and whistles including colored lights, a diving board, an automatic cover, a slide, multiple colored laminar deck jets, a sun bathing deck, cascade bubblers, full automation with communication through iPhone app and pc connection and even automated water care system.
One of our favorite aspects of any gunite pool is the custom interior finish. When creating a custom pool, there are a variety of finishes to select, including different textures, colors and even tile options.
For more information on residential pools, please visit our Gunite in ground swimming pools.

It works, why upgrade?!! - February 10, 2014
Pool World strongly believes in using the products that we promote and sell. Recently Kariann, a long time member of the Pool World family upgraded her 14 year old Hot Spring Sovereign to a brand new Hot Spring Vanguard. After enjoying a few months, she had some wonderful things that she wanted to share. Here is her story:
 "If you, like me, have had your hot tub a number of years and know the many benefits of enjoying a relaxing soak, it’s a wonder why you would consider upgrading to a newer tub... After all yours works just fine, however, if you are ready for an upgrade or to learn about the latest and greatest tubs available you should read on.
This last fall we got a new Hot Spring Vanguard to replace our aging 14 year old Hot Spring Sovereign. We have been pleasantly pleased with the many great new features we are enjoying! In the past we really weren’t big jet people, but the jet action alone in the new tub makes the upgrade worth it! There are so many more jets all located strategically to cover virtually any part of our body. We both have our seats with our own personal masseuse (the MotoMassage jets) and find we are both using them on our backs and noticing a huge difference. Strong or gentle, whatever action we desire from the jets is easily controlled by the convenient air controls and the jet selector; we are able to customize what jets we want to use. We even feel the seating is more comfortable in this new tub.
The WellSpring water feature with it’s soothing sound enhances our enjoyment when we just want to sit back, relax and listen to the sounds of nature in the warm water.
The LED digital controls are simple to operate day or night and allow for easy adjustments to temperature and light settings. Our old Sovereign had an interior light but the new one has several different colors to choose from and really makes a dramatic statement. We sometimes turn on the color wheel at night while entertaining out on our deck and our guests always comment on it. This new tub is also Bluetooth compatible if we want to enjoy music while entertaining or soaking. Although caring for our hot tub was easy in the past, caring for the new Vanguard is even easier. The Freshwater III ozonator allows for crystal clear, clean, fresh water with very little care. The tub always looks and smells fresh and inviting!
We also chose to upgrade our hot tub cover. We live in an area where we can receive a lot of snow and although we remove it from the cover as fast as possible, the elements had us replacing our cover every 2 to 3 years. The new Smartop hard cover we opted for holds up to 800 pounds so we don’t have to worry about the weight of the snow when we are away from home and unable to remove it right away. Plus, if one of the grand kids decides to use the cover as a seat it isn’t an issue. The cover is easy to remove, has a clean modern design that looks great. We feel our new cover may hold up better to our occasional visits from a curious deer, bear or moose!
We love the new hot tub and Smartop cover! Our only disappointment is in ourselves for not replacing it with a newer model sooner. So if you sometimes think about replacing your hot tub and then wonder why ... these are a few of the reasons you should consider." 



If you have an older hot tub that you are looking to trade in, please visit one of our four store locations for more information. To find out more about Hot Spring hot tubs there is more information on our Residential Hot Tubs page.


New Building Update - February 07, 2014


Over the last few months we have been providing updates on the remodeling of the former Last Lap building across the way from our Valley store location. Here are a few photos of the hard work and long hours our construction and service department has been putting in. Their efforts are really starting to show!

Once this building is completed it will be transformed into a new space for our staff and customers to enjoy! Throughout the next few months, make sure to come back and follow up on the progress!


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