Sound of Savings Event! - March 21, 2014
Ahhhh… That’s music to my ears! That’s right! Hot Spring Highlife and Limelight Hot Tub collections are being offered with a FREE Bluetooth wireless music system that comes with every hot tub through March 31st!
Purchase any model in the Highlife or Limelight collection between March 21 and 31 and Hot Spring hot tubs will include a Wireless Sound with Bluetooth Technology system valued at $1,295.00. This is a limited time offer and is a first for Pool World!
Close your eyes and just imagine as you soak your aching muscles, let the jets swirl away the tension and relax all while enjoying your favorite playlist or artist in your new Hot Spring hot tub from Pool World.
Music does wonders for the mind, body and soul! Enjoying your favorite tunes or sounds helps to relax and calm away any anxiety.  It also provides peace of mind, will boost your immune system and helps to spur creativity.
Music has a variety of rather interesting affects on our every day life. A University of London study was able to show that listening to happy or sad music; even short pieces influence how a person interprets facial expressions.
Did you know that your creativity can be improved by ambient noise? The moderate noise level is thought to be the sweet spot for creativity. When music or noises are played at a lower range it increases the brains ability of processing the music and promotes abstract processing which results in higher creativity.
Recently, The American Journal of Occupational Therapy completed a study that showed listening to Classical music can improve visual attention. The results of this study compared children and adults with classical music, white noise and silence. Classical receiving the highest scores while silence received the worst scores of all.
Hot Spring Highlife and Limelight hot tubs have the ability to combine the benefits of routinely using a hot tub with music. Just imagine the possibilities!
For more information on Pool World’s selection, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page!

Big Horn Opening Day! - March 20, 2014


Today is OPENING day at The Big Horn Show 2014!

Tons of booths featuring hunting and fishing, outdoor products and rifle raffle! There are over 300 exhibitors signed up for this great event! It’s fun for the whole family!

The Wild Life Council has brought together this event including some entertainment featuring Oregon’s “Great Cats Work Park,” that will traveling with Moxie the White Tiger!


We have our Big Green Egg Grills, Louisiana Smokers and a couple Finnleo Saunas! If you would like more information on Finnleo, please visit our Saunas page

March Madness! - March 19, 2014

March Madness has arrived! Have you picked out your bracket and your winning team? Who is going to win is usually what consumes all of our minds during the games. The only other item that takes so much attention is the food. What food are you planning on preparing?

One of the most popular options is wings, and oh boy do I mean wings!! There are so many flavors to choose from and such a selection of different dipping sauces! All of those choices sometimes make it hard to decide.

Here are a few of Traeger’s top chicken wing flavors!!

Spicy Honey Garlic Wings

Beantown Chicken Wings

Traeger Sweet Cajun Wings

Traeger Tingle Wings




To see other recipe ideas for Big Green Egg, Weber and Traeger, please visit our Recipe of the Week page!


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