Team & Club Rewards to Women and Children Free Restaurant - May 23, 2014

We want to give a HUGE THANKS to our customer Bill & Betty M. for donating their Team & Club Rewards to the Women and Children Free Restaurant! Thank you for supporting a wonderful local organization that gives back to our local community!! They received the Team & Club Rewards donation through the purchase of their brand new Hot Spring Sovereign Hot Tub.


(Thank you Betty for joining in our photo!!)

Women and Children Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen is a vital safety net that fills the nutritional gaps for women and children in need while fostering dignity and respect, both within their restaurant and in the community. Dinner is served Tuesday and Wednesday every week from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Lunch is served on Fridays from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

The WCFR has been meeting the needs of women and children in our community for over 26 years. Last year, they proudly served more than 40,000 nutritious meals and every single meal is prepared in a full-scale restaurant quality kitchen and is served by volunteers who are filled with the Spirit of Hospitality. In order to meet the community’s needs of nutritious meals, they have partnered with a variety of organizations to distribute meals. A few of these organizations are Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery, Hope House, St. Margaret’s Shelter and Breakfast for the Homeless.

The meals that are prepared are available to all women and children 18 years or younger. A majority of the diners are single women who work or go to school with children to care for and need assistance to put a nutritious meal on the table seven days a week. A variety of partnerships with our community has allowed WCFR to create and provide food and pre-made dinners for them to take home and share with their family.

This organization sees the poverty in our community with a consistent demand to fill the nutritional needs of our community. In order to meet this demand, Woman and Children’s Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen has been laying the ground work to expand and find a permanent home for their organization. Once this has been completed, they will be able to make a larger impact with a more efficient facility. Please Help WCFR by donating online at

The Hot Spring Sovereign Hot Tub is a fabulous hot tub model design to fit 6 adults comfortably with 28 jets in 355 gallons of warm swirling water. The Sovereign is 6’8” x 7’9” x 33” and is powered by a Wavemaster 9200, a two speed jet pump and is accompanied with a SilentFlo 5000 24-hr circulation pump to ensure the perfect Hot Spring Hot Tub experience! Each seat in this hot tub has a special feature to help you relax. For example, the lounger has a Moto-Massage DX with the Comfort Control system that lets you customize the strength of your massage. Just climb in and relax!

For more information about how Bill & Betty were able to donate, please visit our Team & Club Rewards Page.

A New Pool for Memorial Weekend! - May 20, 2014

Summer is kicking off this weekend with Memorial Day Celebrations! We are excited to announce that Pool World has completed another fabulous inground concrete wall vinyl lined swimming pool. The new owners will be able to celebrate Memorial Day using their brand new pool!

This 18’x33’ beauty has been installed overlooking Liberty Lake. The pool has a variety of unique features to meet the family’s needs including a custom masonry retaining wall, custom pump house with features resembling their home, salt water sanitation system, concrete colored decking, and a heat pump to extend their swimming season!

This family will be making memories in and around their swimming pool for years to come. Creating a space in their own backyard will provide a fun and relaxing place that will encourage family time and summer get together!

If you are interested in an inground swimming pool, please visit our Residential Inground Swimming Pool page!

Memorial Weekend! - May 19, 2014


Memorial Weekend is next weekend! Can you believe it!

Right now is the perfect time to take a few moments to venture out to your pool and check on water and chlorine levels. Doing this today or Tuesday will allow plenty of time to adjust your water chemistry in preparation for this weekend! Everyone wants to swim on Memorial Weekend! Scoop up two cups of water from your pool and bring it into one of our water labs for a free water test.

If your swimming pool isn’t open yet, please call 1 800 876-4340 to schedule your pool opening.

For helpful information on opening a swimming pool, please visit our “How-to Worksheets & Helpful Videos” page.

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